I used to be that “Average” wedding dj

Someone would have to come up to my booth and ask me to start the next event.  These were times I was trying to figure out on my own how to build my own Dj business

When I started initially with a company in MS, there was no training on how to be a better MC or how to interact with guests and take charge of the wedding and coordinate.

For me it was mostly when the music started.  I would go out to the dance floor and dance and have fun with the guests.  They always enjoyed it and complimented me but there was a side of djing that I had no idea that could be better at the time.

Fast forward to present day looking back on my experience/inexperience I’ve been there done that.

Now I know how to handle weddings.  The days of either moms or bridesmaids asking me or somewhat directing me to start the next event are long gone.

I’ve been on the cheap and average side of djing.  Those days are over too.

Now I’m on the VALUE side.  So if you want to price shop and look for average or below average costs, then I may not be the right Dj for you.

With that said, if you’re looking for a Dj who can act as an alternate coordinator and takes initiative on your wedding day, then you came to the right place.

Weddings are an investment, not an expense.  This is one day for the rest of your life that you will never get back.

You have two options:  Roll the dice and take a chance on your “Average” Dj.  OR, Guarantee that your wedding day will your best of memories for years to come.

“We’re on a tight budget” is something I hear a lot of.  You feel that way because you need not just more information about your wedding but the right information.

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