Valuable Wedding Content

  1. Invest in your wedding dj. Your mobile dj service is what will hold your most important day together.  It’s all about smooth flow and transition of events. Some examples:  I’ll make sure the knife is on the table before bride and groom cut the cake, keeping the bride and groom informed about events to come ahead of time (this is the most important aspect to keep the bride and groom at ease throughout the evening).


  1. Just think to yourself reading this, on your wedding day you can relax and socialize and dance with your family, friends, and most importantly, your new husband or wife. There is a lot of control that goes into someone’s wedding day.  The new married couple do not need to be the ones to stress about the significance of events.  Let the dj handle that.


  1. I recommend finding a 2 for 1 service with Photographer and Videographer. Yes, I get you want to save money any way you can so you choose only the Photographer.  However, at the same time, you don’t want your wedding vows to be recorded by family members on a phone or cheap camera.  Videographers are great for wedding vows and also your formal dances or even just for some fun moments throughout the night that you wished could have been on video.


  1. The first thing you might want to do is figure out the number of wedding guests before you book the venue. If you only have 120 guests but book a venue that holds 300, then you might be spending way more than you need to.  Also, look at your options on having your ceremony at your reception venue.  This can also save money.  But if you absolutely have to wed at a specific location, I get it.  Some places are very special to us so do what you have to do.


  1. Wedding planner. Wedding planners give so much guidance on what you need for your wedding.  Make sure your wedding planner will be available the day of your event.  You don’t want your guests trying to ask you or bother the wedding party with questions. Let your wedding planner take control of that.

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